Forever Hold Your Peace

Installation at Farringdon Factory artists residency.

doors emailer





The first thing I wanted to do was clean the
windows of the revolving door and fix the
carpet down. I wanted to make use of the
circular entrance as a transparent
instruction for the cinema, the factory and
the building. I wanted to use signage of
institutional form. I was exploring the
aggression of silence and passivity in
relation to decision. I’m interested in how
our own narratives are dictated by these
accumulative moments of effect. I thought
about calling the piece The Graduate.



Hollywood Was Here

Installation at Farringdon Factory artists residency.






I don’t want to look at the Hollywood hills.

I just wanted them to be against a white
wall to see the copper in the flash.
The angles wouldn’t wing it.
They are here now against a red wall in the
dark corner.
I guess I just wanted Hollywood to have
written something at the factory.
Under the Hollywood sign I found a red
circular fire.
I left all the copper there just in case.


‘7 Inch Indicative’

Appeared at The Maintenent table exchange, Rich Mix, 11th Feb 2012.

In The Dark Would edited by Phillip Davenport, an anthology of poetry and text based art considering time, mortality and traces in the natural world.








Fable Table invite exists to platform a moral.

Fable Table is an experiment in moral narrative.

Acting simultaneously as reconciliatory and aggressive Fable Table promotes newish dialogues.

In this sense Fable Table requires lessoning in nostalgia.

Fable Table is after all a slim collection of excessively modern fairy tales.

Integrity for Fable Table is a salt pot each.

Fable Table is kind and sardonic as in a love story.

In certain tones Fable Table is a hollow trick.

The only concern for Fable Table is binary.




A series of 12 poems on 12 globes.

Distributed by zimZalla

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