WORLD BANNER – 12 hand made books available in conjunction with the zimZalla retrospective at The Hardy Tree gallery.

Archive of the now – I read the whole of BABA.

BABA – published by Blart Books. (REVIEW @ I’m a serious journalist)

Very Small Kitchen – WITH ALL WINDOWS A NET CAST DYES THE WORLD – from a sequence with Stephen Emmerson.

EX3 published by Knives Forks and Spoons press. (REVIEW @ sabotage)

Department #1BABA: The unend of everything but.

Onedit issue 15 – THE DINNER PARTY/ sara

SILVERONDApublished by if p then q. (REVIEW @ I’m a serious journalist) (REVIEW @ Galatea Resurrects)

The Other Room Anthology 08/09 – These are the things that do not end.

Great Works three sonnets – near this/ rain relays/ said I’ll

Parameter issue 7 – proxy

Onedit issue 11 РEvoker vs. revolver

Great Works seven poems Рwith map/ you are tardy/ 7/ baptim/ skiff/theft/ quarter/ view

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